CDE token is the utility token built on the Blockchain networks That will power the Capitrade Launchpad, $CDE Token will be Used As a subscription token to access our Capitrade Pre-Sale Listing platform.

HOLDERs of $CDE token will enjoy passive income as they can be able to stake their token to FARM More Currencies

$CDE holders can also be able to endorse a new blockchain IDO project by a voting process which will require staking your $CDE tokens in favor of a project.

To access the IDO analytical tools, Capitrade provides multiple tiers of services, with the most advanced IDO analytics features available exclusively for $CDE token holders

Features like advanced pre-sale filtering options, multiple added-value metrics, dark mode, presale saving are restricted to only a certain amount of CDE holders who have a certain minimum balance of the utility token $CDE.

Hold our utility token $CDE to break the barriers and have access to Capitrade Pro, and all its amazing features.

CDE Token Holders can earn passive income by staking their $CDE tokens to earn more.


Total Token Supply — 100 Million Tokens

Venture Capitalist — 10 Million Tokens

Seed Sale — 5 Million Tokens

Pre Sale — 5 Million Tokens

Public Sale — 10 Million Tokens

Exchange — 30 Million Tokens

Ecosystem/Reserve — 40 Million Tokens

Staking & Yield Farming

$CDE token holders can stake can CDE Tokens and earn more Tokens

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Founder — Eric James



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