The advent of DeFi has revolutionized financial dynamics through the introduction of innovative products accessible to all without the need for centralized gatekeepers. As the DeFi market transitions to maturity, multi-chain interoperability has become an essential feature to fuel massive adoption. Terra is one of the major networks focusing on multi-chain interoperability and striving towards DeFi mass adoption. Terra is an infrastructure framework for connecting EVM-compatible chains. The ever-growing Terra ecosystem houses a wide range of decentralized applications ranging from payment system, DeFi and NFTs to the financial and gaming industry. As the network continues to expand, there is an extensive need for a robust infrastructure to support the growth of these projects. However, launchpads have been springing up in hordes in recent times, at times seemingly more common than projects themselves. Indeed every blockchain ecosystem seems to have a multitude of launchpads being built upon it, with the whole term becoming synonymous with DeFi.


Terra Ecosystem is a public blockchain protocol deploying a suite of algorithmic decentralized stablecoins which underpin a thriving ecosystem that brings DeFi to the masses.

While this might all seem superfluous, one brief look at the history of launchpads would illustrate just how crucial of a role they have played in the blockchain world, especially the DeFi ecosystem. Binance launchpad was technically one of the earliest, with its 2019 token sale of Bittorrent raising nearly 7 million within 15 minutes. This was a drastically different model compared to the 2017 ICO boom where projects had to conduct their token sales, or run it through cluttered, non-user-friendly decentralized mechanisms. The trade-off, however, came in the form of centralization. As a counter to this, decentralized platforms took over with Uniswap, Balancer and dedicated token swap platforms like Bounce coming to the fore. However, this migration back to decentralized platforms also meant a migration back to Ethereum main net along with gas wars, astronomical fees, inundation of bots among other issues. So the community faced the conundrum of centralization and high fees/throughput. But from the projects’ perspective, the road forward was clear. Launchpads offered a safe, decentralized, and user-friendly way to raise funds and stimulate adoption without going through the hassles of developing contracts or other complicated sale details. This led to the rise of a new generation of launchpads on various blockchains.


Intense vetting process for high quality projects

Even the best of projects are susceptible to bad actors who try to sabotage teams and deceive investors.

Capitrade’s mission is to bring high quality projects and products to individuals across the world in a fair and decentralized manner.

Fair and Decentralized Fundraise

With fundraising being a crucial step to fuel product growth and development, we provide the best decentralized fundraising platform for project’s ideas to transform into reality.

Access to IDOs of Terra Projects

Providing a user friendly gateway for users to seamlessly access and invest in well-vetted projects building in the Terra Ecosystem

Secure and Compliant

Capitrade ensures projects launching through the platform maintain the highest security standards (token vesting, locked liquidity…) and are fully compliant.








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